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Y                                                                            mama kit and heidi     

these two small senior ladies are always with each other and snuggle together.  They have their favorite oak glider rocking chair, which can go with them, too (fabric cushions - - picture reflects white knit throw cover).  They are both indoor, spayed and front-declawed.  They are easy-going, quiet and content just sleeping a lot and being with each other.

Heidi, the gray long-haired one, is 19 and was rescued as a kitten at an old apartment house.

Mama Kit, the black calico long-haired one (orange on chest), we think is about 16 years old.  She loves to sit on your lap.  She moved to Iowa from South Dakota with her person...and when he passed away in 2011, Mama Kit became a permanent member of my Aunt's multi-cat household.

My Aunt, a great cat lover and rescuer, passed away suddenly on April 9th in Marengo, Iowa, leaving 11 cats to find homes for.  We are so happy C&W rustic hollow shelter for cats offered a home for these sweet senior cats.  they can rock together in their forever home.

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