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Bootsey is a small, short-haired gray tabbie with bright shiny eyes and little white boots on her hind legs and a white diamond under her neck. She was rescued as a new mama cat from underneath the patio. She is a spayed indoor cat who still has her claws. She has a quiet, shy personality. 

Bootsey is a sweet little gal about 5 years old who usually stays under the couch or bed during the day with her daughter, tessa.  they both come out at night.  Sometimes she will come up to you and let you pet her or quickly jump up to lie close - but not too close.  Bootsie is skittish if you make fast movements or try to pet her without her initiating it

Bootsey's person passed away suddenly in April. she is waiting for her forever indoor home.  bootsey will  enjoy staying together with her daughter, tessa, who is quite shy and hides with her under the bed or couch.  they love each other very much.  Bootsey is so thankful she can stay together with her family at the C&W rustic hollow shelter cat sanctuary.

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