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Y                             BIG  GUY and SNUGGLES

Big Guy and Snuggles have quite similar markings (neighbors believe they have to be  related).  Both lived in my Aunt's garage before being incorporated into the household so they like to hang out together.  

Big Guy is a large short-hair who was a neighborhood rescue, brought inside once the weather started to get cold.  He is neutered but still has his claws.  He is about 5 years old, friendly and likes to be petted.  

Snuggles is a smaller, older adult male and is the "mini-me" of Big Guy.  He is neutered and still has his (tiny) claws. He obviously had been an indoor cat as he is very friendly and affectionate.  snuggles was enjoyed outside by neighbors and neighborhood kids but was brought inside by my Aunt when the weather turned cold.  He does not have the usual "meow," just a kind of a squeak.  He is very lovable and purrs a lot.  If there ever was a lap cat, it's Snuggles! That's where he's headed if you sit down.

My Aunt, a cat lover and rescuer all her life, passed away suddenly on April  9th.  We are so happy these cats have a chance to have a forever home with C&W rustic hollow shelter for cats.  They can keep snuggling together in their forever home and be with the rest of their family,too.

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